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Overview of dental services offered


Implantology, prosthetic dentistry, amalgam-rehabilitation, preventive treatments, immediate denture–repair, endodontic surgery, orthodontics, pediatric therapy, periodontolgy.
  • Laser treatment

    I use my Laser systems:

    for tooth-preserving measures like dental fillings, fissure sealing, gingival tissue treatment, root treatment, biostimulation, etc.

    for surgical measures like bone preparation, soft tissue modeling, implant exposure, bone exposure, abscess splitting, cutting the labial and lingual frenulum, root resection, resection of inflammatory tissue ( cysts, fibroms ), etc.

    for the treatment of oral mucosal diseases like herpes or aphtae.

    in orthodontics like adhesive  brackets and retainers bonding, etc.

    in  aesthetic  and  cosmetic  treatments  like  bleaching,  removal  of  marmorations  and decalcifications, partial crowns, veneers, dental jewels, etc.

Our dental services

  • Beautiful teeth and implants

    from Thanks to my highly-qualified, expert  and experienced working dental laboratories, you will get naturally beautiful teeth. Missing teeth and roots will be  replaced by immediate- or later- implants.

Children and adults

treatment of small childs and childrens, removable or fixed braces, juveniles´ or adults´ anterior teeth malpositions will be treated by means of the ``clear-aligner-technique``, additionally you will also be able to choose from an extensive range of elegant, from classic to trendy and cool teeth jewels.


of persons with mental and physical disabilities, emergency care and appointments by arrangement.